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Ear Notch Pig

ear notching 1

Ear Notching 1

reference guide for ear notching in swine indiana 4 h

Reference Guide For Ear Notching In Swine Indiana 4 H

pig ear notching ear notch diagram my life i think i could probably still ear notch in my sleep

Pig Ear Notching Ear Notch Diagram My Life I Think I Could Probably Still Ear Notch In My Sleep

pig notching from behind

Pig Notching From Behind

4 h ffa farm quote country livestock meet cuts

4 H Ffa Farm Quote Country Livestock Meet Cuts

ear notching

Ear Notching

skill a thon

Skill A Thon

ear notches 2

Ear Notches 2

berkshire pedigree pig ear notch notching dittisham farm

Berkshire Pedigree Pig Ear Notch Notching Dittisham Farm

ear notching reference guide

Ear Notching Reference Guide

tattooing and ear notching techniques

Tattooing And Ear Notching Techniques

reference guide for ear notching in swine

Reference Guide For Ear Notching In Swine

identification tattooing slap marking tagging etc managing pig health and treating pig dieases on thepigsitecom the pig site

Identification Tattooing Slap Marking Tagging Etc Managing Pig Health And Treating Pig Dieases On Thepigsitecom The Pig Site

when ear notching we use the universal numbering system you can find a helpful chart on the lbha website

When Ear Notching We Use The Universal Numbering System You Can Find A Helpful Chart On The Lbha Website

owner george eric watson hillsboro ky ear notch 23 3 dob 32313 sire cdo2 crazy bone 70 2 dams sire wgw9 spark plug 77 5

Owner George Eric Watson Hillsboro Ky Ear Notch 23 3 Dob 32313 Sire Cdo2 Crazy Bone 70 2 Dams Sire Wgw9 Spark Plug 77 5

pigs more

Pigs More

glaciers ridge 142jpg

Glaciers Ridge 142jpg

a metal tag with the herd number imprinted on it will withstand the abattoir process

A Metal Tag With The Herd Number Imprinted On It Will Withstand The Abattoir Process

worksheetpig ear notching worksheet inspiration of pig ear notching ear notch diagram h pinterest

Worksheetpig Ear Notching Worksheet Inspiration Of Pig Ear Notching Ear Notch Diagram H Pinterest

unit 36 ear tagging or notching identification

Unit 36 Ear Tagging Or Notching Identification

how to read a show pigs earn notch

How To Read A Show Pigs Earn Notch

the notches on the left ear are for single numbers and on the right ear the notches are for tens

The Notches On The Left Ear Are For Single Numbers And On The Right Ear The Notches Are For Tens

pig ear notches universal swine ear notching system

Pig Ear Notches Universal Swine Ear Notching System

figure 2dr norwoods selfie with a pig notice the notches in its ear used as an identification

Figure 2dr Norwoods Selfie With A Pig Notice The Notches In Its Ear Used As An Identification

ear notch

Ear Notch

ear notching google search

Ear Notching Google Search

ear notching involves the removal of pieces of the ear with special pliers in certain positions that relate to a defined numbering system you can ear notch

Ear Notching Involves The Removal Of Pieces Of The Ear With Special Pliers In Certain Positions That Relate To A Defined Numbering System You Can Ear Notch



how to read a show pigs ear notches show barn supplies livestock show tips

How To Read A Show Pigs Ear Notches Show Barn Supplies Livestock Show Tips

fig 2 illustration showing proper technique for using a v notcher

Fig 2 Illustration Showing Proper Technique For Using A V Notcher

what is the feed conversion ratio for hogs

What Is The Feed Conversion Ratio For Hogs

pig identification for on farm management

Pig Identification For On Farm Management

ear notch pig ear notching south central leftovers 4 h

Ear Notch Pig Ear Notching South Central Leftovers 4 H

ear notching reference guide

Ear Notching Reference Guide

pig ear notch system

Pig Ear Notch System

figure 2 examples for litter numbers 92 and 34

Figure 2 Examples For Litter Numbers 92 And 34

ear notch pig

Ear Notch Pig

ear notch 4 8 registration 354181008

Ear Notch 4 8 Registration 354181008

how to read ear notches 9 9 81 3 3 1 1 pigs right ear pigs

How To Read Ear Notches 9 9 81 3 3 1 1 Pigs Right Ear Pigs



ear notches

Ear Notches

standard notches in the pigs right ear are the 1 notch located on the bottom of the ear near the pigs head meanwhile the 3 notch is located on the side

Standard Notches In The Pigs Right Ear Are The 1 Notch Located On The Bottom Of The Ear Near The Pigs Head Meanwhile The 3 Notch Is Located On The Side

show pig how to read ear notches

Show Pig How To Read Ear Notches

ear notching reference guide

Ear Notching Reference Guide

pig ear notching problem

Pig Ear Notching Problem

ppt swine earnotching tutorial powerpoint presentation free to view id 23e6e0 owe5o

Ppt Swine Earnotching Tutorial Powerpoint Presentation Free To View Id 23e6e0 Owe5o

methods of livestock identification as 556 w

Methods Of Livestock Identification As 556 W

domestic pig

Domestic Pig

reading pig ear notches

Reading Pig Ear Notches

1001 math problems pig ear notching problem

1001 Math Problems Pig Ear Notching Problem

ear notching reference guide

Ear Notching Reference Guide

this little stinker was a little over a week old at the time of this picture this is the best time to do things like notch the pigs ears for identification

This Little Stinker Was A Little Over A Week Old At The Time Of This Picture This Is The Best Time To Do Things Like Notch The Pigs Ears For Identification

animal management evaluation

Animal Management Evaluation

3 illustrations of example ear notches

3 Illustrations Of Example Ear Notches

pig with notched ears stock photo

Pig With Notched Ears Stock Photo

identification ear notchjpg

Identification Ear Notchjpg

how to read pig ear notches sure champ

How To Read Pig Ear Notches Sure Champ

ear notch annie a

Ear Notch Annie A

ear tags can be used but are not the best option for pigs penned together as they can be thm7mrdn5a

Ear Tags Can Be Used But Are Not The Best Option For Pigs Penned Together As They Can Be Thm7mrdn5a

ear notching google search

Ear Notching Google Search

ear notched piglet

Ear Notched Piglet

4 illustrations of un notched ears to be used for practice

4 Illustrations Of Un Notched Ears To Be Used For Practice

skill a thon

Skill A Thon

sire private drive dam platt attackmother of moonwalk bred by platt showpigs ear notch 39 1 registration 564208001

Sire Private Drive Dam Platt Attackmother Of Moonwalk Bred By Platt Showpigs Ear Notch 39 1 Registration 564208001

ear notching reference guide

Ear Notching Reference Guide

universal ear notching system

Universal Ear Notching System

ear notching reference guide

Ear Notching Reference Guide

examples for pig numbers 14 and 7

Examples For Pig Numbers 14 And 7

4 h livestock ownership verification affidavits deadlines

4 H Livestock Ownership Verification Affidavits Deadlines

11 principles

11 Principles

notch their ears notching patterns in pig litters 1937

Notch Their Ears Notching Patterns In Pig Litters 1937

options for permanent identification included ear notching or tattooing ear notching is the more common method

Options For Permanent Identification Included Ear Notching Or Tattooing Ear Notching Is The More Common Method



6d1b56c1452838148e7fe38ad9112865jpg 600693 pixels

6d1b56c1452838148e7fe38ad9112865jpg 600693 Pixels

swine production guidelines

Swine Production Guidelines

14 principles

14 Principles

sire callin dibs dam stick this bred by wd swine farm ear notch 18 96 stress status negative price 200dose off season price may 8th to august 12th

Sire Callin Dibs Dam Stick This Bred By Wd Swine Farm Ear Notch 18 96 Stress Status Negative Price 200dose Off Season Price May 8th To August 12th

ear notching in swine

Ear Notching In Swine

ear notches

Ear Notches

this pig has identification notches in his ears he was used in laboratory research before finding sanctuary

This Pig Has Identification Notches In His Ears He Was Used In Laboratory Research Before Finding Sanctuary

bat boy sire county line dam hilljack owned with armstrong genetics bred by rodibaugh and steve king ear notch 42 6 registration 150330006

Bat Boy Sire County Line Dam Hilljack Owned With Armstrong Genetics Bred By Rodibaugh And Steve King Ear Notch 42 6 Registration 150330006

universal ear notching system certified pedigreed swine

Universal Ear Notching System Certified Pedigreed Swine

click here to see diagrams for ear notching

Click Here To See Diagrams For Ear Notching

can you get the pig notch quiz correct

Can You Get The Pig Notch Quiz Correct

ear notching

Ear Notching

ear notching

Ear Notching

examples of properly notched pigs

Examples Of Properly Notched Pigs

proper way to ear notch pigs

Proper Way To Ear Notch Pigs

reference guide for ear notching in swine

Reference Guide For Ear Notching In Swine

figure 2 examples for litter numbers 92 and 34

Figure 2 Examples For Litter Numbers 92 And 34

lot 8 ear notch 31 7

Lot 8 Ear Notch 31 7

of 3 3 3 6 and two notches of 1 1 1 2 for a total of 8 this system allows for a number from 0 to 9999

Of 3 3 3 6 And Two Notches Of 1 1 1 2 For A Total Of 8 This System Allows For A Number From 0 To 9999

pig notching worksheet sonoma valley high school

Pig Notching Worksheet Sonoma Valley High School

the notch on her left ear went straight through the notch on the right ear is in the same location but didnt seem to go all the way through the skin

The Notch On Her Left Ear Went Straight Through The Notch On The Right Ear Is In The Same Location But Didnt Seem To Go All The Way Through The Skin

4 when reading an ear notch on a pig you always say the litter number first followed by the individual number

4 When Reading An Ear Notch On A Pig You Always Say The Litter Number First Followed By The Individual Number

ear 1

Ear 1

template for pig ears inspirational ear notch pig roho 4senses

Template For Pig Ears Inspirational Ear Notch Pig Roho 4senses

nmsu identify pigs by ear notching

Nmsu Identify Pigs By Ear Notching

full size of worksheetpig ear notching worksheet review of ear notch pig ideal

Full Size Of Worksheetpig Ear Notching Worksheet Review Of Ear Notch Pig Ideal

notch numbering layout

Notch Numbering Layout

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