Make your own WordPress website from scratch: 7 proven steps to setting your website…Finally! The fast & easy way to build blogs & professional websites (Knock out brand strategy Book 1)

Make Your Own WordPress Website From Scratch; Fast Track Visual Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Your Own WordPress Site

How to build a Website in record time EVEN if you are an absolute beginner

You Don’t Know Where To Start: this book is a simple training guide

You need quick results: this book is fast paced, easy to read and follow

You are not tech savvy: the content is filled with screenshot images showing you exactly what to do and how to operate the back end of your website

WordPress has demolished the barrier of entry for building websites, anyone (including beginners) with an Internet connection and some basic instructions can create a live website in a matter of minutes. Brand Architect and Website designer expert Katya Boudjelloud walks you through the process of creating a wonderful website of your own, using the power and flexibility of WordPress.

Follow the 7 proven steps for making your own website from scratch