Web Marketing for Small Businesses: How Do You Get More Clients – The 30 Day Guide to Generating Leads (Marketing for Small Businesses: The 30 Day Guide Book 1)

Web Marketing for Small Businesses: Where Do You Get More Clients… The 30 Day Guide to Generating Leads
As a small business owner, have you ever asked yourself: How do I get customers? Where to find prospects? Or maybe even, Where to find clients?

Well believe it or not, the above questions are all trying to accomplish one thing – get new business! Because as any business owner knows, new customers are the lifeline to their business success.

This book was written as the lead generation guide for small businesses. Within its pages Kurt Lucien, a.k.a The Success Director – will show you REAL LIFE lead getting techniques, which once implemented correctly, will flood your business with new customers and ensuring lifelong fans forever!

Here’s just a few things which the book covers:
– How to Treat Customers to Build Customer Loyalty pg.9
– The Way to Bring in Traffic to Your Site – Targeted Traffic pg.12
– How to Generate More